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    A leader in financing and government grants
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    SWA Capital can help
    SWA Capital can assist in developing optimal financing solutions.

Integrated Financing Solutions

A leader in the greater Montreal region, Stante Waked and Asscociates Capital offers integrated financing solutions, including government assistance and SR&ED tax credits.
Since its inception, SWA Capital has assisted hundreds of companies in their efforts to meet their financing and government assistance needs.

Our services

Government Assistance

Each year, governments give billions of dollars in government assistance, principally to small and medium-sized businesses. Numerous programs are available; is there one to fit your project?

SR&ED Tax Credits
Grants and interest free loans
Loan gaurantees


A simple application for financing can become extraordinary leverage for the growth of your company or a company you may know! How can you benefit?

Financing your R&D activities
Financing your capital acquisition projects
Financing your growth